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  The Fatbergs Clogging Sydney Sewers      

In Sydney, the fatbergs come out from the sewers in long, matted strands, picked up and twirled on a hook like fettuccine around a fork. In London, they can be the size of 10 or 11 buses.

Formed when cooking oils and grease harden in cold water and meet with wet wipes and sanitary products, the slimy titans are choking waterways around the world. At the Malabar wastewater treatment plant, wet wipes are a dirty word. The workers call them rags.

Unlike toilet paper, a wet wipe does not break down, even after hours rafting through the sewers. They pick up excrement and ball into dark nuggets. Staff spend hours every day hacking them out of pipes and filters. In June, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, backed up by Sydney Water, took Kleenex to court, trying to get the word “flushable” scrubbed off the packaging of their wet wipes. In a decision they are now appealing, they lost.


  Earth Overshoot Day: Planet's Yearly Besource 'Budget' Already Spent      

Earth Overshoot Day marks the day that the planet’s annual “budget” for natural resources such as soil, water and clean air is used up. Monday 29 July is the earliest day this has been recorded. In comparison, 2018’s Overshoot Day was recorded on 1 August. The current trend means that humanity is consuming the resources of 1.7 Earths in a year.

The Global Footprint Network (GFN), the research organisation tracking Earth Overshoot Day, predicts that Earth Overshoot Day will land halfway through the year – in June – by 2030, meaning it would require two entire Earths to sustain current consumption levels.

In response, the GFN has partnered with Schneider Electric to explore how businesses can become “one-planet compatible”, which would act as a “strategic compass to gauge the sustainability value propositions of companies”.

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  GreaseShield on Sewerman      

GreaseShield were featured on Sewermen EP1 on ITV. Sewermen is a Docuseries following the everyday heroes who keep the UK's water systems flowing free.

“If the business doesn’t use a fat trap ultimately their fat is going to go into the sewer. What tends to happen then that fat goes into the sewer and when it cools down it solidifies and mixes up with the wet wipes and all the things that shouldn’t go down there including the sewage itself, and it basically creates a fatberg.” - Grant Mitchell - Head of Fat, Oil and Grease-Severn Trent.

The unit at Pascal at the Old Vicarage in Burton on Trent, was the first to be installed under the FOG Program by Servern Trent.

Click here to view the program - GreaseShiled unit is shown around 8 minute mark.

  Commercial Kitchen 2019 Show      

On Tuesday, the 4th June, visitors to the Commercial Kitchen 2019 show at the Birmingham NEC were invited to vote on their favourite new appliances from an initial shortlist of 24.

The 13 finalists were then invited on the 5th June to make a 90 second pitch in front of a panel of judges comprising Phil Shelley, immediate past chair of the Hospital Caterers Association; Simon Woplin, head of innovation at Ambassador Theatre Group; Mark Kendall, commercial director at Cedabond; Jack Sharkey, MD at Vision Commercial Kitchens; Martyn Clover, head of food at Tortilla; and chef and food consultant Jay Morjaria. Following deliberations, the results were announced yesterday afternoon.

The innovative GreaseShield GS2000  struck Gold. The judges said: “This is a product that is constantly evolving and this can be clearly seen with today’s model.”

Rounding out the silver victors was Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro system, which allows users to manage and monitor their commercial grease and waste in real time from anywhere in the world. The judges summarised: “We are seeing the evolution of connected kitchen appliances. This is moving it on to the energy use and environment and is a great innovation.”

  GreaseShield® and GECKO Catering Equipment      

Big thank you to Phill Waring CFSP and the team at GreaseShield® for kitting out our new show room with a great display unit. We supply a full range of GreaseShield products!

Fergal O'Neill - Service Manager at Gecko Catering Equipment Limited

  CATEX Show 2019      
  The Irish Hotel Awards 2019      
Celebrating the incredible commitment and dedication of the hospitality industry in Ireland to provide simply outstanding guest experiences, The Irish Hotel Awards 2019 was a huge success. GreaseShield® are grateful to be one of the sponsors of this great celebration of the hotel industry.
  CATEX Show 2019      
  Award of ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018      

Environmental Products & Services Ltd (EPAS) are delighted to announce that our Stockport operation is accredited and certificated to the following ISO standards :- ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management ISO & ISO 45001:2018 – Health & Safety Management. EPAS was audited and assessed by the British Assessment Bureau and awarded the above ISO certifications for Stockport to compliment the ISO certifications for our Head Office. The award demonstrates the commitment of EPAS to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service and product innovation.

  FilterShield Wins at the Kitchen Innovation Awards 2018      
  FilterShield Wins at the Kitchen Innovation Awards 2018  
EPAS are delighted to have won this year’s Kitchen Innovation Award at this year’s Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo at the Excel – London, for our new filtration system FilterShield - FS1500.
Gareth O'Neill with the Kitchen Innovation Award
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