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“We are happy to recommend GreaseShield FOG removal kits for high turnover restaurant units.
We have used these kits at our restaurants and are satisfied with their effectiveness at removing FOG.
They are easy to use, self cleaning low power consumption and easy to maintain.
EPAS provide installation and servicing of these kits and we would strongly recommend it for maintaining effective and consistent FOG removal.”
“When I was first approached with a solution to my fats, oils and grease problem, I was quite sceptical, given the level of technology employed and the cost of a GreaseShield to replace my existing inefficient dosing system.
A few months later … what a difference it has made, I’ve not had a single problem caused by fats oils and grease in our waste water system.
I have never seen such an effective way of dealing with greasy water deposits and will gladly recommend the GreaseShield.”

Karan Kashyap - Executive Chef, Roti Chai & Chai Ki

Danny.O'Sullivan, McDonalds Franchisee


“The problems were mostly relating to loss of productivity, not being able to cook, get things prepped in time and regarding blocked drains and sewers. We go through on a weekly basis is roughly 1 tonne of cooked chicken fillets a week, 3 to 4 tonnes of potatoes as well. We weren’t getting that out.

Things were pretty hectic regarding constantly having to get people in to service drains and sewers, that sort of thing. Cost wise to the business, you are talking 3 to 4 hundred pounds at a time; you’re probably talking £800 a month.

It’s pretty neat and tidy, keeps everything in shape, there are no smells whatsoever. It does its job, as long as it’s emptied and kept maintained, it should work fine. I fully recommend it, I definitely would, it has worked for us from the word “Go”, it does what it is meant to do, it is really good”.

“Environmental Products and Services Installation and servicing team are some of the best I have come across, they are highly skilled, professional and efficient. After my original plumber made a mess of the GreaseShield installation, we had several recurring costs and problems.

However once Environmental Products and Services sent in their installation team they replumbed the whole thing and I have received an efficient and effective maintenance service from that day.

I would recommend the GreaseShield to anyone; it has been an unrivalled appliance in solving our drainage problems and has saved me both time and money”

Paul Magill, Good Life

Jim Kenny, ‘Centra Blackrock’, Dublin


"‘The Jordan Group made the decision last year to upgrade all the stores with the installation of the GreaseShield. This implementation, along with the EPS service contract has eliminated expensive call out charges, associated with emergency drain cleaning measure and allows for the uninterrupted management of the business.

I have no hesitation in recommending the GreaseShield to anybody who wants a simple and cost effective solution to drainage problems"

“In July 2006 we took the decision to purchase the grease trap we looked at several different systems available and decided that the system available from Environmental Products and Services was by far superior to any other available at the time. An added incentive to this was that the company technicians installed the system and guaranteed an efficient maintenance service.

I have to admit I was shocked to realise the amount of grease and other waste that had been washing down our drains and I now feel this is an essential piece of equipment for any food producing industry, be it large or small.”

Gary Keating, ‘The Jordan Group

Paul Mulholland, ‘Carriage Restaurant, Warrenpoint Road, Newry

“It was a costly business having the drain lines repeatedly pumped and cleaned.
After installing the GreaseShields I was amazed at how effective they were, they have eliminated costs and recurring drainage problems. “

“The GreaseShield is essential for any restaurant. I was constantly faced with bad smells in the kitchen, blocked drains and plumbers fees. Since having the GreaseShields installed I haven’t had a single problem.

It also has the additional benefit that no staff cleaning is needed inside the machine; all we have to do is empty and clean the containers. It has definitely been a cost effective measure to our drainage problems.”

Canice Dumphy, Supervalu, Longford

Andrew Mc Geough ‘McGeough Bar’, Dundalk

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